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Keepsake Cards

At McGowan’s Funeral Services, we empathise with your pain of losing a person that is very dear to you.
We have designed The Keepsake Card to enable you to keep a lock of hair, a fingerprint or some ash close to you at all times.

Our caring and dedicated members of staff are highly trained and exercise discretion and sensitivity at all times.

David McGowan, CEO and founder of the company as it is now known, has always been a leader in the profession, constantly seeking out ways of improving the services provided to those who are bereaved, while honouring the dignity of the deceased.

Our main ethos is to respect the uniqueness of each deceased person.
We endeavour at all times to provide funeral services to suit the needs of the deceased and bereaved alike.

We believe in confidentiality when working with deceased persons and with bereaved family and friends.

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Thomas Devers (Jr)

81 Lord Edward St & the Riverview, Nursing Home, Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Funeral plan for your needs

With our experience and knowledge, we are able to advise you on the funeral plan best suited to your needs, and can help you to keep unnecessary costs to a minimum when planning a funeral.


Our Services

We are familiar with the procedures for Cremation, Post Mortem, and Repatriation, and can help with death registration and applications for death grants.

We also provide hygienic treatment, with a focus on being true to how the deceased person liked to appear for special occasions during his/ her lifetime.

We maintain high standards within our facilities, with stylish, comfortable rooms, to make all visitors feel at home.

Our modern vehicles are of the highest quality, and are maintained to a very high standard.

We facilitate memorial services, whether denominational or non-denominational. We understand that families and close friends of the deceased often wish to spend private time in the company of the deceased. We are committed to ensuring that this important time goes undisturbed.

Funeral Arrangements

When the time comes to arrange a funeral of a loved one, having complete faith in your chosen Funeral Director to arrange the proceedings in a manner that is respectful to the deceased and the bereaved family is of great benefit in assisting in the initial stages of grief.


We consider the most essential aspect of a Funeral Directors service to a bereaved family is providing them with an opportunity to view their loved one in a manner that is dignified and respectful. In order for this to occur although not a requirement, we would recommend that the deceased is hygienically treated.

Death Registration

As Funeral Directors we can assist you in the registration of the death of a loved one. However, should you wish to do this yourself the following information should assist you.
Read more about Death Registration by clicking here.


Cremation serves as an alternative option for those who do not wish to be buried.
Read more about Cremation by clicking here.


TJ Cahir

Excellent very clear outline

Ruth Fitzgerald

Could not fault the care and attention everyone gave my family over the two days our father, Arthur Wills, was buried. Their care and attention to detail was superb. We never felt rushed at any time despite a very late evening removal to our church. There was even a chair provided for our mother at the graveside on the day of the burial. Not once, did we feel they were simply going through the motions. All staff were professional, respectful and kind. Sincere thanks for this beautiful service at a very difficult time. Ruth Fitzgerald -Canterbury on behalf of Eleanor Wills Ballyholan, Ballina, Co. Mayo

Horizon Funeral Planning

Why pre-plan your funeral?


Planning ahead with Horizon will allow you to put all your wishes into writing, giving you the assurance that you funeral will be carried out in a dignified manner.


Losing someone is a very difficult experience for anybody and arranging a funeral is something a loved-one can never be prepare for. Your Horizon Funeral Plan will be your voice that will guide your loved-ones through the process.


You have the opportunity to design your own plan to suit your personal needs, preferences and requirements.


This scheme is unique to Horizon. You can choose from our standard options: Once-off, Yearly, Twice Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly instalments.